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  1. Christmas Movie Database / ChristmasFlick.com
  2. Favourite Christmas CDs
  3. Christmas on the Radio
  4. Christmas books I have read...
  5. Do you have a Christmas CD in your Ipod/MP3 Player?
  6. Polar Express
  7. Elf...
  8. A Christmas Carol (2009), I can't WAIT!!
  9. POEM-- "My Favorite Gift" by Virginia Blanck Moore
  10. The Unquestionably Random Christmas Vid Thread
  11. Nicholas of Myra or The Real Santa Claus
  12. If you had to reccomend one Christmas book to someone what would it be
  13. Brenda Lee's "Rockin 'Round the Christmas Tree"
  14. What Makes A Great Christmas Song?
  15. Bing Crosby
  16. What is your favorite Christmas book of all time
  17. What's Your Favorite Christmas Song?
  18. My favorite Christmas Story...
  19. Prep and Landing
  20. ABC's Countdown to the 25 days of Christmas
  21. Merry madagascar tv special
  22. Music on Dish Network
  23. A Child's Prayer
  24. Praying for gifts.
  25. The Christmas DVD News and Release Thread
  26. Pandora
  27. A Christmas Snow
  28. Hey Boo Boo....
  29. R.I.P. Mitch Miller
  30. Favorite Christmas Singer
  31. Martha Stewarts Christmas Special
  32. Christmas Commercial List
  33. Disney's Prep and Landing Wins 4 Creative Arts Emmys
  34. Annie Lennox announces new Christmas Album
  35. Mariah Carey New Christmas Album
  36. Lauren Holly to star in Hallmark Christmas Flick.
  37. "Santa's Dog" Christmas Comedy slated for release Christmas 2011
  38. 'A Christmas Snow' Wins Award
  39. Exclusive interview with 'A Christmas Snow' director, Tracy Trost
  40. 'The Nutcracker' In 3D Coming This Christmas
  41. A Christmas Carol (2010) Dvd Release
  42. 'Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale' promises to be cult classic
  43. FOX announces special Christmas Family Guy episode
  44. Jacqueline Bisset Reprises Role in Hallmark Christmas Flim
  45. Disney's 'A Christmas Carol' coming to DVD and Blu-ray November 16
  46. Katy Perry guests on Simpson's Christmas Episode
  47. Christmas DVD Releases - 1st Week of October 2010
  48. Little House on the Prairie - Movie Series
  49. The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation
  50. Trans Siberian Orchestra 2010 Tour Info
  51. A Christmas Carol - The Concert...
  52. EX-MAS Carol .....
  53. Three Wise Women ......
  54. An Old Fashioned Christmas ....
  55. The Night Before The Night Before Christmas....
  56. Battle of the Bulbs.....
  57. Walt Disney Pictures: Holly, Jingles and Clyde (3D) - Christmas 2011
  58. Call Me Mrs Miracle
  59. Once Upon A Christmas Dream (2011)
  60. The Santa Incident .....
  61. The November Christmas....
  62. Farewell, Mr. Kringle....
  63. Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special.....
  64. Movie Review: A Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart
  65. Movie Review: Nothing Like the Holidays
  66. Kevin Sorbo stars in ?The Santa Suit?
  67. ‘Gift of the Magi? A Hallmark Channel Original Moive
  68. Judd Nelson Stars in Cancel Christmas, A Hallmark Channel Original Movie
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  74. Movie Review: Christmas with the Kranks
  75. October 12, 2010 ? Christmas DVD and Blu Ray Releases
  76. ‘Gift of the Magi? A Hallmark Channel Original Moive
  77. Judd Nelson Stars in ?Cancel Christmas,? A Hallmark Channel Original Movie
  78. Kevin Sorbo stars in ?The Santa Suit?
  79. Disneys Prep and Landing Return in December 2010 and 2011
  80. Movie Review: Love Actually
  81. Movie Review: A Christmas Snow
  82. Movie / DVD Review: Christmas in Boston
  83. Who's your favorite actor to portray Scrooge?
  84. Movie Review: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
  85. October 19, 2010 ? Christmas DVD and Blu Ray Releases
  86. The Nightmare Before Christmas in 4D at El Capitan Theatre
  87. Blu Ray Review: Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
  88. Disney?s A Christmas Carol Blu Ray Extras and Specs Announced
  89. Hallmark Channel Original Movie: The Town Christmas Forgot
  90. October 26, 2010 ? Christmas DVD and Blu Ray Releases
  91. Laura Niemi stars in Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie
  92. Billy Ray Cyrus To Star In Hallmark Channel Sequel
  93. Who Sang it Best?
  94. Stocking Stuffers ? Late October Edition
  95. Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies: #10 How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  96. Create your own Christmas CD
  97. Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies: #9 Surviving Christmas
  98. Movie News: Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (New Trailer)
  99. Movie / Blu-Ray Review: Santa Claus: The Movie
  100. Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies: #8 Home Alone 4
  101. Mariah Carey gets Christmas TV Special
  102. ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas TV Schedule
  103. Movie Review: Christmas Story aka Joulutarina
  104. November 2, 2010 ? Christmas DVD and Blu Ray Releases
  105. TV News: Shout ?Fra-Gee-Lee?
  106. Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies: #7 Christmas in Connecticut (TV Remake)
  107. Movie News: Christmas Cupid ? 25 Days of Christmas
  108. TV News: ABC 25 Days of Christmas Highlights Schedule
  109. Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies: #6 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
  110. Glee Christmas Album
  111. Movie Review: The Bishop?s Wife
  112. White Christmas On Blu-Ray
  113. TV News: The Good Witch?s Gift
  114. Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies: #5 Santa With Muscles
  115. Christmas DVD and Blu Ray Releases ? November 9, 2010
  116. Favorite Christmas Movie Quotes!
  117. Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies: #4 The Christmas Clause
  118. Arthur Christmas 3D ? Poster/Synopsis/Voice Cast Announced
  119. Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies: #3 Silent Night, Deadly Night, etc?..
  120. Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies: #2 Christmas Vacation 2
  121. Holiday Specials Thanksgiving Week
  122. Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies: #1 Bad Santa
  123. worst christmas song
  124. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Thread
  125. 2010 Christmas/Holiday Radio Programming & Schedules
  126. Christmas Begins Saturday on Hallmark Channel
  127. Futurama Holiday Spectacular Premieres Sunday November 21, 2010
  128. Jessica Simpons "new" Christmas song??
  129. The christmas story
  130. Hallmark Christmas Schedule November 15 ? November 20
  131. November 16, 2010 - Christmas DVD and Blu Ray Releases
  132. Movie Review: Disney's A Christmas Carol
  133. The Martha Stewart Show
  134. "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
  135. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  136. Christmas Movie Premiere: The Night Before The Night Before Christmas
  137. ABC Family's Countdown to the 25 Days of Christmas Begins Sunday
  138. Forgotten Christmas Movies: Bachelor Mother
  139. Christmas DVD and Blu Ray Releases - November 23, 2010
  140. Hallmark Christmas Schedule: November 22 - November 27, 2010
  141. Movie Review: The Night Before The Night Before Christmas
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  144. The Nutcracker 3D Opens This Weekend In Limited Release
  145. Hallmark Move Premiere: The Town Christmas Forgot
  146. Hallmark Hall of Fame: November Christmas Premieres Sunday, Nov 28th on CBS
  147. Christmas Dvd and Blu Ray Releases November 30, 2010
  148. Hallmark Channel Premiere: The Santa Suit
  149. The Carol Symphony
  150. Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Schedule Dec 6 through Dec 8, 2010
  151. ABC Family Christmas Movie Premiere: Christmas Cupid
  152. Hallmark Channel Christmas Premiere: The Santa Incident
  153. Christmas Movie Alert: Its A Wonderful Life
  154. LMN Christmas Movie Premiere: On Strike For Christmas
  155. Christmas DVD and Blu Ray Releases December 7, 2010
  156. Arthur Christmas Teaser Trailer Premiere??
  157. The Little Book of Christmas Joys
  158. Hallmark Channel Christmas Premiere: An Old Fashioned Christmas
  159. Movie Review: It's A Wonderful Life
  160. Christmas DVD Release - December 14, 2010 - Honeymooners!
  161. Family Guy Christmas Special!!!
  162. Hallmark Channel Christmas Premiere: Battle of the Bulbs
  163. Hallmark Channel Christmas Premiere: Gift of the Magi
  164. Christmas Flick?s Nightly Movie Picks (Dec 15 through December 18, 2010)
  165. Movie Review: Christmas Cupid
  166. Christmas Flick’s Nightly Movie Picks (Dec 19 through Christmas)
  167. A Christmas carol question
  168. Cool Christmas Commercial
  169. TOTALLY FREE Christmas music downloads!
  170. Prep and Landing re-airs Christmas Eve on ABC
  171. Movie Review: The Nativity Story
  172. Poem by Marie Daerr Boehringer
  173. Nativity
  174. New movies coming out
  175. Movie News At ClausNet
  176. Merry Little Christmas songwriter passes away...
  177. Coming this Christmas to The Hallmark Channel
  178. Beethoven?s Christmas Adventure: Exclusively on Blu-ray & DVD this holiday
  179. Funny Christmas Movie quotes
  180. Home Alone house for sale! $2.4 Million
  181. What song/CD says "it's Christmas!" to you?
  182. PREP & LANDING comes to DVD November 22, 2011
  183. A Christmas Story, The Musical! to go on a five-city National Tour
  184. Let It Snow - Coming Soon from Paramount Pictures
  185. Jingle All the Way (Animated)
  186. Cancel Christmas
  187. Christmas Pageant
  188. Debbie Macomber's Trading Christmas
  189. Christmas Returns to Canaan
  190. A Princess for Christmas
  191. Annie Claus' Year Off
  192. Lucky Christmas
  193. Disney?s A Nightmare Before Christmas 3D Blu-ray
  194. 12 Dates of Christmas coming to ABC Family
  195. The Christmas Bunny hops onto DVD November 1st
  196. Beauty and The Beast Enchanted Christmas coming to Blu ray
  197. Shorts of Christmas Past coming to DVD
  198. A Christmas Story, The Musical! to hold an open Casting call for kids in th
  199. Western Themed Christmas TV and Movies
  200. Top Ten Not-Christmas, Well Sorta Movies: #10 Funny Farm
  201. Top Ten Not-Christmas, Well Sorta Movies #9 Die Hard 2
  202. Top Ten Not-Christmas, Well Sorta Movies #7 The Ref
  203. Top Ten Not-Christmas, Well Sorta Movies #8 While You Were Sleeping
  204. Today's out-of-season Xmas film is....
  205. Christmas Film List
  206. Top Ten Not-Christmas, Well Sorta Movies #5 Serendipity
  207. Top Ten Not-Christmas, Well Sorta Movies #6 Trading Places
  208. Top Ten Not-Christmas, Well Sorta Movies #4 Batman Returns
  209. Top Ten Not-Christmas, Well Sorta Movies #2 Die Hard
  210. Top Ten Not-Christmas, Well Sorta Movies #3 Lethal Weapon
  211. Top Ten Not-Christmas, Well Sorta Movies #1 Gremlins
  212. Electronic Santa Claus ? Target Christmas commercial 2010
  213. Folger's Peter Comes Home For Christmas commercial
  214. trying to find a old Christmas TV special
  215. The second trailer for Arthur Christmas went online today!
  216. Old man Marley from Home Alone Christmas movie dies
  217. Bad Santa 2 and 3, Maybe??
  218. On Christmas Eve
  219. M&Ms Christmas Commercial: THEY DO EXIST!
  220. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale coming to DVD and Blu Ray
  221. Santa?s Dog coming this Christmas Season
  222. Christmas Lodge coming to DVD this October
  223. No more Hallmark on CBS!
  224. Coca-Cola?s 2010 Holiday commercial: Shake Up Christmas
  225. Christmas with a Capital C hits Blu-ray and DVD November 1, 2011
  226. Mrs Miracle so far my fav.
  227. America?s Biggest Fan of Christmas to Be Named the Face of the Fan® in the
  228. When Angels Sing starring Harry Connick Jr, coming soon
  229. Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas First Look
  230. The Gift of the Magi coming to DVD October 18, 2011
  231. Movie Review: Just Friends
  232. Desperately Seeking Santa coming to ABC Family
  233. Flintstones Fruity & Cocoa Pebbles Christmas Commercials
  234. Hallmark is getting ready!!!
  235. Coming Soon! Ira Finkelstein's Christmas
  236. Eureka gets animated this December for special Christmas themed episode!
  237. Full movie on youtube....:)
  238. Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies with Premiere Dates
  239. Hallmark Channel 2011 Winter Preview
  240. Top 10 Classic Christmas Commercials
  241. Christmas DVD Releases ? October 11, 2011
  242. Movie Review: The Christmas Card
  243. Hallmark Channel presents Love?s Christmas Journey
  244. Movie Review: A Season for Miracles
  245. Movie Review: One Magic Christmas
  246. Movie / DVD Review: Thomas Kinkade presents Christmas Lodge
  247. Movie Review: All She Wants for Christmas
  248. Arthur Christmas Advance Review
  249. Christmas Flick Exclusive: Arthur Christmas Theater Banners
  250. Christmas DVD Releases October 18, 2011