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    Hi, Anyone have daydreams (or real dreams) of becoming a Santa? Not in a a dress up and sit at the shopping centre (mall) but in a make toys or gifts or food for people and then give them out secretly. If there are any others out there maybe we could set up a League of Santa or something and start something special? Grand idea maybe….never know. Here’s a little story, not sure why I am sharing it, but you may like it and may inspire you. (I am not usually very inspirational) There was an old guy who lived down my street. He is not there any more, I fear he has passed away. We used to see him when out walking with our first boy. I learnt (we saw him wearing a team pin) that he was a great footbal/soccer fan who, when he was able and could afford it, go to watch his team (Arsenal) play since he was a boy but he was unable to do that now. He couldn’t even afford to watch the games on TV as they were on expensive subscription services. I tried really hard, ringing round the various satellite,cable, etc companies trying to find someone who could help. I don’t have much spare money (well any now I have youngsters) so couldn’t afford to pay for a complete package. It just wasn’t in anyone’s power to do anything off-list. I wrote letters, emails and dozens of calls to no avail. I was sad. In the end all I could do was find a complete history of Arsenal book with photos, stories and details going back to when he was a boy. It was not what I had planned but I thought at least he can look back on the times he enjoyed. I wrapped the gift, wrote “Merry Christmas, from a friend” and put it in his porch one night whilst walking the dog. Weeks later there was a small Arsenal flag in the window overlooking the street and a small hand written note underneath: “Thank you kind friend”. Jon

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