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    Christy Carol is graciously allowing me to share an opportunity for TC folks to send cards to residents at my workplace.

    As mentioned, I’ve been Manager of Housekeeping for seventeen years in an AIDS/HIV health care facility. We’ve fourteen residents with ages ranging 30s-85 years old, men and women. These people suffer with late stages of AIDS, as well as mental health issues and drug addictions.

    Most of our residents will not be receiving cards, visits or phone calls this holiday season. If any of you are interested in sending Christmas cards to any or all of these dear folks, please follow the instructions below:

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    Please mail cards to:

    Our House
    c/o Elaine
    2727 SE Alder
    Portland, Oregon

    In order to follow legalities, please do not sign cards using your real name. Simply signing your “Talk Christmas name” would be perfect..!

    Add my name to the Our House address, (c/o Elaine).

    Use “Santaville” for your return address on the envelope, (no real addresses, please).

    If mailing cards individually, write the resident’s name on the BACK of each card envelope.

    If mailing in a bundle, simply write the resident’s name on the FRONT of each card envelope.

    Names of our residents are:
    Rob ———– Anthony
    Robert ——– Les
    Andrew ——– Don
    Dale ———- Dana
    Jess ———- Brian
    Darrell ——- Paul
    Roger ——— Jimi

    If you have any questions, please contact me and thanks ever so much for your kindness..!

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    Christy Carol

    Thank you for reposting this!!! And as I said before, I will be participating and encourage other TC members to get on board. I dont have alot of time or opportunity to volunteer this time of year so it makes me very happy to know I can send cards to some much deserving folks and hopefully make there season a little brighter! Everyone deserves a Merry Christmas!!

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