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    So I’m always trying to think ahead about gifts for people – I like to shop all year, finding stuff on sale, or picking up stuff when I see it. I have traditionally always bought presents for my sister’s kids, but postage is getting so crazy expensive and now that I have a baby, running to the post office is not an easy thing, I’m thinking of other things I can give the kids that I can send either in an Xmas card (some type of gift card) or stuff I can order online, ship to my sis and have her wrap. Plus I used to get the kids clothes and that’s getting harder as their sizes are always changing.

    Of course, my sis and the kids didn’t come in this Xmas since I was in FL getting the baby, but she says they are going to try to come in this year, which would be great! If she comes in then I’ll just buy stuff they can carry back with them in their suitcases, if they don’t come in, I’ll figure out something else.

    So I’ve been thinking that I like the idea of giving them something they can do or that would also help my sister out (she is single and adopted all of the kids, so finances are often tight). I was thinking McDonald’s or Subway gift cards would give the kids a treat and allow her to grab a quick dinner out on one of those super busy nights. Or maybe movie tickets. Of course there are always things they want that I can order online and have shipped. I guess I just sort of feel like they have a lot of “stuff”. Anyway, just thinking about it right now. Anyone have any ideas for experiences or activities? I was also thinking I could just send them some Chicago-style pizza – Gino’s East ships frozen pizzas. Any type of food treat the kids would enjoy and would help my sis out.

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