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    Christy Carol

    Its no secret August has always been the one month I cant stand the most.  There is nothing to do but sit inside and sweat.  Bugs, heat, no rain.  31 days of it just on and on and on.  And while it has cooled this week, this August has just once proven to me again that its the worst time of the year!!

    Doesnt help I was let go from my job on the 3rd.  Ive been trying to keep myself busy but dang it, I am bored and hot.  Its too early to decorate even for Fall and the only thing keeping me going is the occasional Christmas episode of some old sitcom or a random Christmas movie.

    My spirit right now is at an all time low but that;s normal again for August.  Maybe once we get thru Labor Day things will start looking better.  I dont know about you guys but Im ready to shut the door on this month and get to the “Ber months.  Of course that also means time goes into warp speed.  Feast or famine isnt it??

    And just on Que a mosquito decided to take a munch on my leg.  Come on already!!!!!!!

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    Yep, August is a tough one.  No holidays to celebrate, just dread that school has started again!  I’m sorry about your job situation.  Hopefully you can find something that you enjoy doing.  August is almost over & the -bers are on the way.  Hang in there!

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    I enjoy the Summer months… for about a week, maybe 2. After that, get me back to the holidays, cool weather, football, Christmas trees…

    I dare say you should probably be glad you’re not down here in Louisiana right now, or especially anywhere near Houston, Texas. This hurricane is one thing, but we’ve had off and on rain the entire summer. I literally live in a swamp because the rain doesn’t stay away long enough for the ground to dry.

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    Christy Carol

    Hanging in Whitney!  Atleast it has cooled some, that does help.  That and the unemployment checks that started last Friday!  I think we need to get congress to pass a law that removes August.  Lets just add 2 weeks to November and 2 weeks to December.

    Im ready for some football myself Dasher!  First Hawg game is in Little Rock Thursday (dont even get me started about that) but the weather of course is looking horrible.  Probably wont be camping either for the long weekend.  I am so thankful not to be in Texas but my heart breaks for those folks.  I do have a cousin and family in Houston and his house has now flooded into the second floor.  His house and his mom’s house also.  But they are safe and were able to get out before it got too bad.

    And I am with you on the swamp part.  I live not too far off the Arkansas River so all this land is old river bottoms and when it rains, it floods. Not Houston flooding mind you, been many years since a bad flood and we weren’t affected but the marsh type environment mixed with mosquitoes the size of hummingbird does not make a happy summer.  I would rather it just go ahead and be bone dry and terribly hot than what we have had because of the bugs.  Its been raining here off and on since Friday and we are in the path of the aftermath of Harvey so the bug population is really gonna get unbearable.  BRING ON THE COLD!

    You guys do be safe down there.  I pray all those down in that direction are safe.  I cant stop watching the coverage but at the same time, it just makes me so terribly heartbroken.

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    Ugh – sorry so awful. Yes, August is my least favorite month. But here in Chicago we’ve been having a very mild month – which is making me feel fall like. Yay! Hope things let up by you soon, CC!

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