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    To help ensure that everyone enjoys their visit there are a few basic rules that we ask you to please follow.

    Respect other members
    Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. You have the right to disagree with the opinions of others.
    You do not have the right to be rude, vulgar, or disrespectful in expressing your opposition. Complaints
    about any member should be sent by PM to a moderator, or administrator. Harassing other members will result
    in being banned.

    No Spamming
    Sales threads posted in the general discussion forums will be removed. If you’re with a business and wish
    to advertise your product or service, contact the administrator before doing so. To post ads without
    permission is considered spam and WILL result in your removal from the forum. New users are NOT allowed
    to post links to commercial websites in their signatures.

    New Users
    Links to outside websites are generally not allowed especially in starting a thread. If in doubt, please check
    with a moderator or admin. First time users who post links will be permanently banned. Links in signatures*
    are permissible as long as those links are to personal sites, sites of obvious interest to Christmas lovers and
    sites that comply with our standards of being disassociated with adult content, pornography, gambling,
    pharmeceuticals, dating or single adult sites, hate sites, political sites, or sites that point to hot-button
    social issues that have no place within a Christmas venue.

    *New users have limited accounts, and can not use signatures, avatars and misc. other board
    features until they have reached a post count of 25.

    Keep it clean
    Questionable images, dirty jokes, profanity, or other non family friendly posts will be edited or deleted
    by moderators, or admin. If in doubt, ask a moderator before posting. Discussion threads that could be
    considered as offensive to others will be closed and/or removed at the discretion of the forum moderators
    or administrators without notice.

    Political / Religious Topics
    Talk Christmas is a family-oriented Christmas discussion forum. Christmas is a holiday that is steeped in
    history, tradition, ancient beliefs and religion. There are visitors and members here from
    all over the world, representing many different races, religions, lifestyles and political directions.
    We kindly ask our members to exercise restraint and tolerance for other people.

    Discussion threads that could be considered as offensive to others will be closed and/or removed at the
    discretion of the forum moderators or administrators.

    Have Fun!!
    These forums were set up as a place for Christmas enthusiasts to come together to discuss all
    aspects of the Christmas holiday. Have fun, post often and stay active! As the board grows you’ll
    be glad you did!

    The Talk Christmas Jolly Elf Crew are;

    Merry Sage — Moderator
    Christy Carol — Moderator
    CharlestonNole — Administrator
    Jinglebelle — Administrator
    Dominick — Administrator / Tech Support

    Please feel free to contact via PM any of the Jolly Elf Crew, we’re here to help!

    ** Please note: Talk Christmas is a privately owned and funded site.
    We reserve the right to ban or disallow any user at anytime, without prior notice. **

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