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    How will your Christmas be different this year than last?

    Well, last year my sis and her kids didn’t come in for Christmas – so I’m hoping they will this year but you never know. They live in L.A. and we are in Chicago. My grandma and her only surviving sister passed away this year…it is the end of a big part of my life – they were the youngest of a family of 13 kids – who were my great aunts and uncles I saw regularly throughout my youth and life. It will be weird to know they are gone – of course I’m relieved for both, they were both in their 90s – Aggie 98 and grandma 94 – they passed within two or three mos of each other. I think once her sister died, my grandma lost her will to live, on top of her health issues. My grandma was out of state, but my aunt I always visited around Christmas – she lived a ways away, so I only visited her a few times a year.

    My daughter will be three in early December and this will be the first Christmas she sort of understands Santa. She got very excited when the paci-fairy came to take all her pacis for the little babies and left her a present. Planning lots of Christmas activities with her.

    What’s changed this year for you?

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    The only thing different for us this year is that I didn’t light up the house outside this time. But, I think this weekend I may do something just around my porch area.

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    Well, there are actually three new things about my Christmas display. I already talked about my new garland – plastic chain, alternating red and green links. Then there’s the Christmas tree itself. Having had cats for 20+ years, I haven’t had a tree for just that long. This year, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a 32″ fiber-optic tree.

    And finally, there’s Red.

    Red is a skeleton I bought for Halloween (Red Skeleton, get, it get it?). When Halloween was over, I couldn’t bear to put him away, so I left him sitting on the futon and waited till Black Friday – the day I put up Christmas – then I put a green Santa hat on his head. A couple days later, I found a kind of burgundy-ish scarf and wrapped that around his neck.

    Doesn’t he look festive?

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