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    We start usually sept with our planning then start decorating Nov 1 and try to go live by thanksgiving, sometimes earlier. But if we start earlier than thanksgiving then we try to do something special for thanksgiving.

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    I can enjoy that Christmassy feeling year round, but for me officially the actual season begins with Advent.

    Advent is the fourth Sunday preceeding December 25th and usually falls between November 27th and December 3rd.

    This year it’s Sunday, November 28th. :confetti:



    Unofficially, Nov 1. I used to come in to the lab (my work) early on the 1st, and decorate a co-worker’s office with a TON of lights, garland, the works. She ‘hates’ :1smiley002: Christmas, so this was my way of trying to turn her from the dark side. :deco:



    I posted somewhere else that as I am not retired, I just began a new tradition of officially kicking off the season 50 days before the BIG DAY: Nov 5th.

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    Well, thanks to Eager Beaver aka husband Kevan, the season has started. He got the tree out yesterday. :1smiley005:



    Each year, in October, I begin to think quite seriously about Christmas presents that I’ll offer. Then, juste after Halloween, season begins for me. (In France, Halloween is not a tradition and a very few people celebrate it, but I like Halloween ! ). I re-open my blog, I listen to Christmas musics and buy some decorations, tree ornements, I also try some new Christmas recipes…:deerdance:

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    Christy Carol

    Ah, a fellow camper! Ive been threatening to pull ours to the front yard and decorating it!

    And I am just like you, nothing Christmas goes up at my house until Thanksgiving evening. Then that Friday we go get our tree and Saturday its a full blown decorating freny. Normally my hubs will put the house lights on the morning of Thanksgiving because its the one day of the week he wont be hunting. So I have to use him while I can. Also I like to turn them on that night.

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    I think for me officially after Thanksgiving, but I do some decorating/shopping well before that.. I ‘feel” the season all year.:1smiley008:

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    For me I guess its right after Halloween. Thats about the time the rest of the world catches up to realize Christmas is right around the corner. Preparing for Thanksgiving is part of the season for me too. For the past couple years, I started putting up my tree the 2nd Saturday in November. And hubby and friends hang the outside lights. I don’t turn them on until Thanksgiving evening. After Thanksgiving dinner, inside and outside lights go on before dessert. Nothing like dessert by the light of a Christmas tree. It gives me the warm fuzzies inside to come home Friday evening after Black Friday shopping and see my home is fully decked out in full Christmas mode!!! I LOVE IT !!!!



    This is easy: November 1. 🙂



    Im getting a bit antsy!



    we start slowly decorting mid november till end of november…this is when our real tree goes up (real trees are very late in this country) and by 1st december all is up… but I agree with you.. christmas eve is always a bit sad, because it´s really the end of a jolly time… and january is even worse.. grey..cold .. nothing to look forward to (except easter maybe) ..and the worst part: taking down all christmas deco:shock:




    For me it has already started here in Alberta, Canada. I guess the snow flakes that are falling makes the feeling of Christmas more strong. It is the beautiful time leading up to Christmas that is so presious. As we are waiting for something so special and magical.
    Isn’t this the time of year::huh?:: to reflect and let yourself be like a child in a way?

    With the warmth of Christmas,



    My living room tree is finished![IMG]11-13-2011044.jpg



    Ill take better pics later when Im finished decorating…

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