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    I have a hard time doing much until Dec 1st. I usually put my lights outside by late november but as far as music and indoor decorations I just can’t bring myself to start until the vary last week of November at the earliest. I started really early one year and I was feeling quite deflated by mid december so haven’t done it since!

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    @Christy Carol 75497 wrote:

    I wait for Thanksgiving but normally start feeling the urge to sooner. Not this year so far, I still have to keep reminding myself its November. It just doesnt feel like it.

    christy listen to some christmas music my friend relax on the sofa with some eggnog..then i”m pretty sure it will give yeah the urge buddy…:bubbly:

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    Just before thanksgiving,my house is all finished by then as it’s a tradition my mom started now i carry it on.:deco:::house::


    For me, I really get into it the weekend after Rememberance Day. That’s when the decorations start going up, etc. I start really starting to feel it towards end of November, though, but I love seeing the decorations for a little longer than a couple of weeks 🙂


    When does a Christmas holiday or season start for us well it starts the day after Thanksgiving because it seems that a lot of people overshadow this holiday with Christmas and that has a lot to do with the stores hoarding Christmas stuff out in the middle of October. And eventually it overshadows Thanksgiving because of it. However Thanksgiving itself is a special holiday for families and as for my season it starts the day after or a couple of days after Thanksgiving.

    Let me get off subject let’s talk about black Friday the most ridiculous holiday that there is. This is perhaps the most violent of all days of the year. You think Halloween is bad this is a violent day because people are so desperate to get those so-called great deals and they really fight over it to the point that they are very barbaric about it. It is a shame that all humanitarian habits go out the window on this day it’s ridiculous how people act simply because there is not enough for something so they fight over it. It is absolutely absurd the way people act on this day.

    Getting back on subject my season starts a couple of days after as we go out and we purchased our Christmas tree every so often we like to get a real one. And like I mentioned I like to decorate my Christmas trees with anywhere from 600 to 800 set of lightbulbs. I like my trees to be very illuminated LOL. It looks amazing when I get it done. I’d also like to decorate the house with extra lights on the inside and the outside. I also like to incorporate Christmas music while decorating the house I think that’s an amazing part of the holiday spirit. Anyway this is the highlight of what I do I also like to take images and certain recordings and post them on Facebook as well as here and on my website I do this every year.

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    I get a Christmas feeling all during the year, officially around December 1st

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)

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