Worried about kitties – at home while I’ll be gone for a month or more!

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    So I’m going to FL for the birth of the baby I’m adopting and she’ll need heart surgery – I expect to be there a month or more. I’m very worried about being away from my kitties for that long, even though I have a regular pet sitter who is wonderful and knows them. She’ll only come once a day, but she will feed and play with them/pet them for a little while. I was trying to think of some other way to give them some attention and human presence while I’m gone. Unfortunately most of my friends live 40min away or more; or they are not cat people, or they have little kids, or they’re allergic. I was hoping that maybe someone could either a) come over three times a week to just watch TV and sit with them, snuggle/play or b) someone could live here for free while I was gone just to keep an eye on the kitties and feed them. I know one guy who is a cat person who is living in a house with several other people – he might appreciate having a whole house with garage parking to himself. I know he’ll go out of town for at least a week to see his kids, but maybe the other weeks he’d be willing to stay here. I totally trust him.

    Any other suggestions?

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    Christy Carol

    I once went out of town for 3 weeks over the holidays and left my male kitty Jerry at home by himself. My younger sister was coming by checking on him and making sure the house never got too cold, he had food and water and clean litter. When I got home he fussed at me for about an hour and was over it. It was like I was never gone. Now that we have Roscoe we leave him while camping and my older sis stops in about every other day to check on him. He always has food and fresh water, a window sill to look out of the and run of the house. I do always leave on a radio in one room and a tv in the bedroom just so it sounds normal. He is an inside/outside cat and fights like crazy to get out while we are gone but he isnt allowed. That seems to be his biggest issue. But just like Jerry he fusses for awhile at us and then is over it. Ive always heard that cats dont have a sense of time like we do and that they can tolerate more alone time than dogs can. I think you will be ok with just a sitter. More then likely they will enjoy the solitude. Hope that gives ya some comfort.

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