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    putting my tree up then watching Emmett Otter with my kids.We decorate the tree the next day,
    Christmas eve we read Polar Express,Twas the night before Christmas then lastly we read the Christmas story birth of Christ

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    Whoo hoo! My favorite time is Christmas light hunting! Everybody piles in the car and off you go! Won't be long till we'll get to go out and drive around looking at all the lights, can't wait!!
    And in my bones I feel the warmth that's coming from inside....

    I develop custom Christmas and Santa Claus websites, PM me for details

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    we enjoy driving around the town looking at christmas lights..also spending time as a family preparing christmas dinner in the kitchen on christmas eve..listening to christmas music and enjoying this special time morning its seeing the kids smiling faces opening their chrsitmas presents..its just a magical time to me..

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    Attempting to get my family to cooperate to get a group photo for our Christmas card. Boy, is that a difficult task or what! Some how we always manage to sneak a good photo into the bunch of hilarious ones


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