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    Bronner's Christmas Store

    My coworker just sent me this link Anyone ever seen this before - or shopped there? Seems pretty amazing...
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    Only the best Christmas place ever!!! I think a few of our members have been there in person. I know I would love to go.

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    Bronners is awesome.

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    I'm hoping to go there in a couple weeks.

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    I went to visit my Aunt, in Michigan, this Summer and she took me to Bronner's! What an amazing place....I could live there! LOL

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    I want to go there SOOOOOOO bad!
    And in my bones I feel the warmth that's coming from inside....

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    The thing that really surprised me about Bronner's was the cheeriness of everyone working there! I talked to the associate checking me out and asked if everyone was always so happy and she said she's worked there part time, since she was 18 and Bronner's is the ONLY store she would ever work at. She said associates and customer's alike are the best.

    If you can experience it, first-hand, you should really try....I'm not sure photos and word-of-mouth do this place justice!

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    Amazing...I love looking at their history on flckr. Would love to work there...shame I am so far away Bit of a hefty commute.

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    I can only wish to be able to get to a Bonner's. I've seen photos and been on the website.

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    I,ve gotten some of my decorations from there another nice place is the "The Christmas Loft'in vermont it is really nice as well.
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