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    The only thing I follow that my mom did is the multi-colored lights!

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    Well, what I loved most about my mother's tree was the Shiny Brite ornaments. So I have one tree decorated with old Shiny Brites that I got on eBay:

    And this past Christmas I found reproduction Shiny Brites with stencils!

    But generally I do a lot of decorating that is my own style and not hers.

    The greatest gift I ever received was wrapped in swaddling clothes!

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    As my home is decorated just before thanksgiving as this was my moms tradition now that she's gone i carry it on now as i have some old and new in my home as far as decorations as i love the blue,silver,white theme and the red,silver,white many things have these colors in it of course i have artificial trees so i can get things up early it's fun for everyone.
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