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    Grinch 1984 Silent Night, Deadly Night film remake in the works!

    It looks like Hollywood has yet another classic movie remake in the works. According to Vartiety the Genre Company and Inferno’s Ember Productions are unwrapping the Christmas themed horror flick “Silent Night”. Malcolm McDowell (Halloween) is set to star as the Sheriff and Steven C. Miller will direct the loose remake of TriStar’s 1984 film...


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    Never saw the first, will skip this too...

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    I saw this, because I was at that age where slashers were the thing to see. Didn't make me want to see any others, but I'll always remember Mickey Rooney saying how wrong a film being made like this was and I would agree, but was shocked when he later starred in one of the sequels!

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    I kind of want to see it.
    And in my bones I feel the warmth that's coming from inside....

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    Funny, some of the remakes of the older slasher/horror films have been pretty good. Being a horror fan, I'm always interested, but some I won't see, just because they, in my own opinion, can't improve on the original, but some, I've been pleasantly surprised by!

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    I think in the 80s, especially, any and every holiday became ripe for a slasher/horror film. Being a teen back then, my friends, cousins and I would try and watch any horror film we could. I think my Christmas memories are so wonderful, I can distance myself from the idea of Christmas being associated with a horror film, but I certainly understand most people not wanting any part of that sub-genre of film.

    My Dad is absolutely amazed that I love the 1959 Mexican film, Santa Claus, as he says that doesn't look like anything I'd enjoy, given my love for Christmas!


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